Mobile is our passion

Xsmobile has a mission: We want to create the very best mobile apps and programs.

We put all our knowledge, passion and skills into this mission

A “good” app is just not good enough for us. We want to thrill and excite our users. Creating mobile apps and programs is not “just a job” for us but our real passion.

We are honestly excited about providing the best UX (User Experience). We focus on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations. We also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the app.

Our Team

What makes good User Experience?

Some of our fundamental guidelines:

  • Discoverable – Users can accomplish their tasks the first time they visit
  • Contextual – Mark where users are in their path through the interface
  • Learnable – User interaction has to be easy and moving through product should be seamless
  • Delightful- Our apps/systems delight users to create an emotional connection to our app
  • Desirable – Our product design is all about emotion and appreciation
  • Findable – Content needs to be locatable and navigable offsite and onsite
  • Performance – Our apps and system perform well when users are interacting with them
  • Efficient – Users are enabled to accomplish repetitive tasks quickly and easily

Process of designing a new app

This is how our development cycle looks like

  • Preplanning
  • Exploration
  • Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Feedback

Running our apps and systems

We follow this cycle not only when we create a new app. We also follow the exact same cycle while maintaining our systems and while further developing.

Equally important as the development of an app is to run, maintain and further feature development! And we pride ourselves that we take the same care, professionalism and passion in all those phases as well.

The main goals for running our apps and systems are, that we provide an uptime of at least 99,9% to make sure that our apps are always there when you need them. And as important as the uptime is the performance of our systems. Nobody loves to use an app that is slow or not responding.

As our users are scattered over the globe, we use several data centers and CDN systems. We follow our users to every geographical location and run extensive tests to make sure our systems run stable and fast.

Feature Development

An app that is used for years can never be “finished”. With more and more users, there are more and more requests, suggestions and wishes. That is, why we love your feedback! Feedback from our users is paramount for us. As we love to hear complements, we definitely want to hear about bugs and ideas how to make our apps even better.

We look at every single feedback, categorize them and discuss which features would create the biggest benefitsfor our users. As always in life, there is more things what you want to do than the resources to make it happen. That is why we set priorities based on “user value”.